Air conditioning installation is in Blue Streak’s arsenal of services. We offer installation of a wide array of high quality products that meet the needs and requirements of all residential and commercial properties.

Blue Streak is known for its professional service, quality workmanship and speedy results. We have experience installing air conditioners all of the major brands and offer an extensive range of heating and cooling options including ducted refrigerated air conditioners, split systems and ducted evaporative systems. Our experienced tradesmen can advise you on the best system to suit your needs, whether it’s a small house to an entire office in the Melbourne area.

Once your air conditioning installation is complete, its important to regularly service your system. Our team of qualified professionals are happy to assist with ongoing maintenance to make sure your system performs for years on end. An air conditioner’s efficiency and long term reliability are directly linked with the quality of the installation.

Installations can vary considerably. Things to consider are noise pollution, visual considerations and space restraints. Blue Streak can ensure that you are not only happy with air conditioning within the house, but that you’re happy with the system outside of it.

The summer months are no easy feat. Installing an air conditioning system might be one of the best investments into your home. Trust Blue Streak with your air-conditioning installation and you won’t be disappointed. We’ll get you the unit you need based on your exact needs and budget.

We look forward to hearing from you should you need air conditioning installation.

Air Conditioning Installation