Blue Streak Plumbing does pipe repair for residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne area. We use the latest technology to determine the source of the leak, then repair the problem fast.

Sewer and storm water pipes are located underground, meaning the fix won’t come easy. However, Blue Streak simplifies the process and tries to prevent pipe excavation at all costs. We strive to take care of stormwater drainage pipes, blocked drains, blocked sewage pipes and leaking pipes without the hassle of excavation.

We use a SeekTech SR-20 Locator, a rugged receiver that provides all the information needed for faster, more accurate locates. We also use a SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Camera System which always us to visually inspect blocked drains and determine the issue. Our K-1500 Sectional Machine allows us to clean the sewer or drain and tackle even the heaviest blockages, indoor or out.

Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you and do pipe repair on your home or business when you need it the most.

Pipe Repair