Blue Streak specialises in sewer and stormwater drain repair, stormwater blockages, cleaning out pipes and killing invasive tree roots. Using the latest plumbing technology out there, we pipeline drains and pines and if they aren’t able to be cleared, we replace them.

Using our camera system and digital recording monitor, we identify whether the faulty section of the sewer of stormwater drain has collapsed, is clogged or has tree root intrusions. If it needs to be cleaned out, we can use our sewer and drain cleaning machine to clean some of the heaviest blockages, both indoors and out. This high speed cleaning gets the job done better and faster.
Blue Streak is capable clearing roots, but if very large roots get in and start breaking your sewer pipe, then it might be time to reline or replace sections of the drain line, or possibly the entire drainage system. Blue Streak performs stormwater drain repair and replacements on homes when relining is not an option.