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What is an instantaneous hot water system and how does it work?

An instantaneous hot water system, also known as a continuous hot water system, is different from the conventional storage systems because it is tankless. Instead of having a vessel where hot water is stored, an instantaneous hot water system simply heats the water quickly when you need it. A traditional hot water tank only stores a limited amount of water at a time. Once hot water starts being used, cold water is funnelled into the system to replace it. The whole tanks then begins reheating, but it might take a while and can result in periods of cold water if a lot of hot water is being used at the same time. Some people are choosing instantaneous hot water systems over the traditional storage tanks for this very reason. However, they are often a bit more expensive.

Why choose an instantaneous hot water system?

An instantaneous hot water system only heats water when someone turns on a tap. The water flow activates a switch that causes gas or electricity to heat the water as it passes through the continuous system. When the tap is turned off, the water stops. Overall, this means that an instantaneous hot water system might be a more reliable option for your home or business. Another reason why people are choosing these type of systems is because they are tankless and take up less room. They can be installed inside or outside your residence.

What types of electric hot water heaters are out there?

Blue Streak Plumbing only works with the most reliable brands in the industry, ensuring that you get a quality product that will last you years upon years. Some of our preferred electric hot water heaters are:

Rinnai     Bosch     Dux     Rheem

Blue Streak Plumbing is happy to order and install any other hot water system that isn’t listed here. Commercial hot water systems are also available. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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