If you have a leaking shower, it’s good to get it inspected straight away. If it goes unnoticed, it eventually can lead to structural damage around the shower. Blue Streak repairs, replaces and installs showers.

Here are a few signs that you may have a leaking shower:

– Areas of discolouration near the shower base
– Wall tiles/grout lines are loose or broken
– Gaps in the caulking/gout in the shower
– Clogged shower drain system

A leaking shower could result in water creeping behind the shower walls and beneath the shower floor, leading to water damage. A leaking shower can cause a plethora of problems down the line – mould, mildew, rust. Damage can occur to files, floors, walls and even concrete slabs. Leaking showers are one of the common things building inspectors look at when assessing a home. Catch the problem early on and prevent an expensive repair bill. We can locate the source of the leak then repair, waterproof, seal and fix it. If you’re ready for a new shower all together, we can help you source a new model and install it for you.

It’s crucial to get the job done properly by a professional or your leak might reoccur. Call Blue Streak today.

Leaking shower