We use our taps every single day. With time, the tap components eventually succumb to wear and tear. Malfunctions could lead to dripping taps or taps that stick and become difficult to operate. Perhaps you’d just like a new model. Blue Streak can take care of all of your tap installation needs.

Blue Streak Plumbing readily services existing taps, replaces parts and reseats existing taps. We also provide advice to help source a tap that best fits your needs. We’re able to perform tap installation on all makes and models. We offer our customers a wide range of options – anything from luxury taps to economical ones.

We’re happy to help you source a tap. Or you can buy your own. You’ll find an extensive range of taps at TradelinkReece or Samios stores. Feel free to purchase your tap, then call us to do the tap installation for you.

Blue Streak also installs dishwashers. Call us for all your tap installation needs today.

Tap Installation